Approved by the Ministry of Environment of Quebec, spring water AquaBeauce ™ is drawn from an underground water source that flows naturally in Beauce Saint-Victor,for over 30 years.
Clear and pure, this water is naturally balanced minerals and has a natural mix of silicon, which is a vital component, which helps prevent vascular disease and has an important role in the process of ossification.

More silicon accelerates the healing of wounds, burns, skin conditions, being an excellent anti-inflammatory. This source is available vitalitée AquaBeauce ™ labeland is distributed exclusively by Water Inc. Beauce.

AuqaBeauce market supply of natural spring water gushing from a high quality. The title “natural spring water” is a designation. To qualify, the water must come from aprotected environment, never to have been polluted and have never been treated. Itmust be pure, natural state. For a delivery service to home, office, your company or a retailer, please contact us.